Thursday, March 24, 2011

Favorite Foods - Just Created

Check out this new page:

tell me in the comments section what your favorite foods are


  1. That's quite a list! I like many of your veggie picks, too...especially grilled.

    My favorite all-time fish is grouper. It's not easy to come by around here, though.

    Have you ever tried artichoke hearts in a salad? Very different than boiled or steamed (although I admit, I LOVE them just like that!)

    I am big on certain junk foods too, but have learned to substitute for healthier choices...Fat free Greek yogurt is a base for dips instead of sour cream, crunchy veggies get hummus at most parties instead of chips and dip.
    My "famous" key lime pie is also made w/ a reduced calorie graham crust (and someday i may attempt a pretzel pie shell!) and I use FF/SF condensed milk. I bake or grill wings instead of frying and dousing with buttery sauce....

    I love, Love, LOVE ice cream! Choc chip mint is my go-to flavor but... we have a mister softee lady that comes around every night in summer. Her soft serve vanilla is de-lish! :-) And who can resist a DQ mini blizzard?

    My silly friends used to have a fruit list called Fruit United. (I did say we were silly, right?) We ranked our top 10 fruits LOL.
    Mine vary with seasons, but blueberries, pineapple, watermelon, apples and coconut always rank high with me! I think pineapple is so yummy and it's even better grilled. Of course apples and bananas are always in my fruit bowl since I buy them in bulk.

    Can't wait to read other's faves!

  2. um, Junie here... I LOVE HOT DOGS!

    I also am a BIG FAN of baked sweet potato chips, home made biscuits, steak with mushrooms and lamb chops!

    Recently, I too have become more healthy... I'm on what my Ma calls woof watchers. I am grain free. I eat Bison and Sweet Potato kibble and go on 2 mile walks called fast-fasts!


  3. I had no idea that coconut was a fruit!